Release Trapped Emotions Easily

The Emotion Code is a simple, direct, and effective healing method designed to release trapped emotions. This form of healing process allows you to identify your emotional baggage and release it quickly and permanently.

Why Release Trapped Emotions?

Trapped emotions are energy. When you had the emotional experience, you were unable to process that energy for one reason or another. Instead, you tucked it away in your body so you could go on managing the demands of life. While you may have forgotten about it, your subconscious mind knows it is there.

You can imagine the problems stuck energy can cause in your body. When an emotion becomes trapped, it is a low-frequency vibrating ball of energy. It may lead to things like physical pain, or an inability to move forward in certain areas of your life. Since you are not fully conscious of it, you probably ignore it. The more uncomfortable that energy becomes in your body, the more your body will shout at you to get your attention. This is when people often experience chronic pain or long-term illnesses.

Releasing trapped emotions can allow your body to return to its natural functions, where it heals itself quickly and easily. The Emotion Code is a tool to release the trapped energy so that your own body can take care of itself. It is a tool of empowerment.

How does The Emotion Code help?

The Emotion Code allows you to quickly and easily release these energies. They may have been caused by traumatic life events, or events in your childhood that may seem normal. The emotions can become trapped whenever you are not prepared to process them, so even if something seems trivial, if you were overwhelmed at that moment, you may trap the energy.

Some examples I have seen:

  • Being a baby and crying for love and comfort but only receiving a bottle of milk
  • Being a toddler and not understanding why attention was suddenly going to a new sibling
  • Being in elementary school and feeling embarrassed for another student who wet their pants
  • Being in middle school and getting turned down by the first person they “asked out”
  • Being in high school and failing an exam
  • Being an adult and experiencing a car accident or severe injury

Recognizing the causes of some of our trapped emotions is not meant to put the blame on anyone else. It is a way to take responsibility for our emotions and empower ourselves to do something to change our situation.

What else can the Emotion Code do?

The Emotion Code can also help you release trapped emotions that were not caused by events in your own life. You may have had the experience of feeling another person’s emotions or experiencing their pain. Sometimes even another person’s energy gets trapped when we resonate with it. We can also release this energy with the Emotion Code.

Shared emotions can also be from your mother when you were in the womb. Inherited emotions are passed down through generations, just like our genes. Even if these energies are not yours, they can still be the root cause of emotional, mental, and even physical pain and dis-ease.

When you work with a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, you will gain new insights into how you trapped emotions, and empower yourself to release these vibrations that are no longer serving you.

How Can You Release Trapped Emotions

If you book a session, you will have the freedom to explore this trapped energy with me, and together we will work to empower you to take control of your life by releasing the trapped energy that has been holding you back.

a notebook open with an emotion code session, pen, pendulum, and emotion code chart

The process is quite simple. First, we will discuss the symptom that is showing up in your life that indicates that you have trapped emotions. Then we will identify which emotions are causing the symptoms one at a time.

As your practitioner, I will communicate with your subconscious mind so you do not have to think about these experiences or feel the traumas you experienced. I will identify the names of the emotions and when your subconscious is ready to release them, we will do so.

In some cases, I may need to identify your age when the emotion became trapped or which area in the body it has been trapped in order for your subconscious to allow us to release it. This also helps your cognitive mind accept that real healing is occurring.

You will be empowered to release trapped emotions yourself in our sessions with a simple process. As you release trapped emotions, you heal on mental, emotional, and physical levels. You may be able to release more and more as you heal and continue to feel better and better as you shed this emotional baggage that you have been carrying around for most if not all of your life!

How to Get Started

If you are intrigued and would like to get started releasing trapped emotions right away, set up a consultation with me. You will not be billed anything for our first call, and you will be able to experience this healing firsthand. When you make the reservation in my calendar, just write in the description that you want to try the Emotion Code and I will be happy to share it with you.

If you are curious but want to see this in action before you commit, here is a short YouTube video where I demonstrate the process on myself.