Light Language Around the World

Have you ever seen Light Language? Perhaps you have heard it? Light language is an ancient but also modern way of communicating through energy. Light language may be spoken, sung, danced, written, or otherwise expressed through creative methods. People are using light language around the world already! My goal is to expose even more people to this beautiful modality.

Why is light language important?

Light language has infinite possibilities for healing our energy bodies. When our energy bodies are healthy, we create healthy physical bodies. Light language can help us release what we don’t need. We let go of what is not really part of our true essence. It can also be fun! It’s often a way to connect with our soul families or express ourselves if we feel called to it.

Photo of a postcard recently sent to a beautiful soul in Canada

Light language has a high vibration. You may laugh or cry as the energy shifts in your body to match the vibration of the light language. It’s like when you listen to your favorite song and you feel like dancing.

How can we send Light Language around the world?

I have been connecting with other people who speak or transmit light language around the world in many creative ways. I am feeling called to expose more people to this powerful modality.

Photo of a postcard ready to be sent somewhere in the world!

The beautiful thing about light language is that you don’t have to understand it for it to work. You don’t have to believe in it for it to have an effect on you.

In order to expose more people to light language around the world, I sent postcards to 100 different locations around the planet. If you would like to receive a postcard with unique light language art, please send me a message using the contact form below. My original project with this has been completed but I am still open to sending more light langauge around the world when I can!

When this postcard is on its way to you, people will be exposed to the art, and the energy. Perhaps a postal worker will feel something or receive an activation. But even more, I like to imagine this high-vibrational artwork moving across the planet, raising the vibes wherever it goes. Once you receive it, perhaps you will also want to put it in a place where others might see it and feel drawn to its unique energy.

If you are interested in seeing more light language art, check out Instagram or Etsy.

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