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What Light Language Should I Listen to?

When you first discover Light Language, it can be difficult to figure out what light language should you listen to. The answer is pretty simple, choose what resonates with you! But if you aren’t sure where to start, here is some information that might help you get your feet wet.

Light Language Intentions

Most light language is channeled with an intention in mind. That intention may be for a specific healing or a certain experience. Look at the different intentions and choose something that resonates with you. Maybe it’s something you have been looking for resources on for a long time, or an area of your life you thought you could never heal. Allow yourself to be guided to what fits you best.

Once you have listened to a transmission, know that you may or may not feel any immediate reaction. Perhaps nothing about it feels right, or maybe you feel the language is familiar. Trust what your instincts tell you. Only continue the exploration if it feels good.

Some people believe that once they reach some level of spiritual development, then they will enjoy light language. That is not necessarily the case. It is not necessarily for everyone. Everyone has their own journey and everything is not on everyone’s path.

How to Determine If a Certain Light Language Channeler is for Me

Once you have decided that you definitely enjoy light language and it feels right for you on your path, there are so many options! It’s like putting a person who enjoys books in a library and saying, choose your favorite books! It can be overwhelming. So how can you determine what resonates?

You can look at the intentions listed by the channeler and see if you experience any shifts or changes in your energy as you listen to their transmission. Once you find a channeler that you like to listen to, try listening to a variety of their vidoes or audios to explore how you feel when listening and observe the changes that happen in the coming moments, or even days or weeks following.

Where to Start?

I have felt called to share a lot of light language myself on youtube and here is a playlist for mostly my own channeling, but there are some other videos on there that I feel are important. I do recommend listening to at least a few different channelers. You don’t have to resonate with the same ones that I recommend but if you are looking for a place to get started here are a few:
Share the Light Soulcodes and Guided Breathing + Sonic Journey with Esu
Crystal Grid Light Language Activation with Activation Vibration
Enhance Your Inner Connection and Connection with Life with Jayme Price
Remove Blocks to Healing Yourself with Lnl Awakening
Light Language for Root Chakra: Light Codes for Abundance and Safety with Architects of Destiny

This is just a very small sampling of what is out there.

The important thing is that you resonate with the energy that is being transmitted. Just like with any type of teaching, there will be some lightworkers that feel like you are meant to be there listening to them and others that you may find yourself judging feeling that they are fake or acting and that is part of the journey. Your feelings are valid and you should listen to them, and choose how you wish to proceed with those feelings.

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