Nine Generations of Gianna Review

The book Nine Generations of Gianna by Loraine Hayes was not what I expected when I started reading a book about healing ancestral traumas.  It was refreshing to read this story from the lens of fiction. I still find so much pertinent information about ancestral healing peppered through the story.   There were some graphic scenes … Read more

Is Your Light Language Emerging?

Light Language Emerging: Activating Ascension Codes and Integrating Body, Soul, and Spirit by Yvonne Perry is a beautiful book that shares so much wisdom. Perhaps you are familiar with light language, and perhaps this is a completely new phrase for you. Either way this book may have exactly what you are looking for inside. When … Read more

New Year Intention for 2023

The hardest part of 2022 for me was living in Germany. I really thought I could live anywhere in the world as I had made a home in my heart, but then Germany came along. I have traveled quite a bit. I spent 6 months in Ghana as an undergrad doing my study abroad. I … Read more

40 Things I am Grateful for Today

It’s not only on Thanksgiving day that gratitude is important to me, but it is motivating me to finish this task that I have had on my to-do list for some time.  Gratitude is important every day.  Throughout the day, I find it helpful to not only think about what I am grateful for but … Read more

Thank You for Triggering Me

If you say something that triggers me, I will be so grateful to you.  Sure that may not be my instant reaction, I am not a saint.  But after I move through the process that is recognizing and accepting my emotions, I will get there.   I want people in my life that are willing to … Read more

Some People are on Our Path for a Reason

Have you ever wondered why you met a certain person? Or realized that someone was in your life for a reason greater than what you can understand? I have known from the beginning that what I have with my partner is something special but I feel like sharing some of the evidence that this person … Read more