New Year Intention for 2023

The hardest part of 2022 for me was living in Germany. I really thought I could live anywhere in the world as I had made a home in my heart, but then Germany came along.

I have traveled quite a bit. I spent 6 months in Ghana as an undergrad doing my study abroad. I moved to Spain in 2014 with my partner and 2 suitcases. Then in 2018, I moved to Myanmar. I never had too much trouble adjusting.

But something about Germany was different. Not speaking the language and not feeling like I fit in with the culture are just the tip of the iceberg. Visually I fit in here, so people assume I am a local, but I feel like a complete outsider.

Rhine river in Germany cloudy and dark with light snow on the ground

Not to mention the energy in Germany is heavy.

I felt resistance to the place, the food, the people, the weather, literally nearly everything about Germany.

In this new year, I choose to release resistance and embrace Germany and everywhere on Earth. I am choosing to send only positive intentions into the field including love for the cloudy cold weather, love for the people, and love for the things I don’t even understand.

Let’s check back at the end of the year and see if choosing this intention made an impact on my experience.

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