40 Things I am Grateful for Today

It’s not only on Thanksgiving day that gratitude is important to me, but it is motivating me to finish this task that I have had on my to-do list for some time.  Gratitude is important every day.  Throughout the day, I find it helpful to not only think about what I am grateful for but to really get into the energy of gratitude, to feel what it’s like in my body, and enjoy the sensation of being in gratitude. 

When I really tap into the feeling of gratitude, the actual vibration of it in my body, here are the first things that pop up that I am grateful for.  

I am grateful for…

  1. My life as I feel so fortunate to be on Earth at this incredible point in time. 
  2. My body makes most of the rest of this list possible for me to experience. I could make a list of 40 things about my body that I am grateful for as well. 
  3. Emotions as they are the vibrations that I came to Earth to experience
  4. Connections and the feelings present in genuine connections like the ways our chakras reach out to each other and we may feel sexual energy, intellectual connection or heart coherence. It’s so awesome. 
  5. My eyesight because I get so much pleasure from seeing beautiful things! 
  6. Creativity and all the ways I can express myself through it
  7. Books and audiobooks, and the stories inside them.  I feel gratitude for all of those who take the time to create books and publish them and make them so available to me. 
  8. Libraries as they are an incredible way to access books in just seconds! My online library really makes my life richer and more enjoyable. 
  9. The ability to learn and expand my knowledge 
  10. The ability to perceive multiple realities and to consider other the perspectives of other people with different experiences. I am not sure if any animal besides humans have this capacity. 
  11. The ability to dream both literally when I am sleeping but also to dream of things that I want or desire for myself or humanity for example 
  12. My values as they help me understand and express who I am. My top values include gratitude, empowerment, connection, creativity, curiosity, and freedom
  13. Transportation and the ways I am able to move around this beautiful planet
  14. All the modes of communication available to us today I suppose including whatever way is allowing you to read this as well as the way I am able to type it
  15. Water, of all kinds, to drink and to see in large bodies, or to bathe in. 
  16. Taste and food, and my ability to taste food
  17. Sound, including the voice, and music as well as sound therapy 
  18. Warmth, the way it feels to be warm when there is cold surrounding the space. Especially cuddling up in a warm bed next to the one I love
  19. Textures, soft fuzzy things like fuzzy socks or blankets 
  20. Intuition and the ability to recognize when I am hearing intuition versus my ego
  21. My ego also deserves gratitude since it keeps me alive and teaches me many lessons.
  22. Positive intelligence helping me intellectually and spiritually understand more of myself
  23. Meditation allowing me to go inside and see more of me
  24. Art, and my ability and willingness to create art
  25. Energy, and all the ways it can flow in the world and carry important messages
  26. Polarity, even though it sucks at certain times, imagine a life without it
  27. Memories, being able to go back to a particular moment and savor what that was like
  28. Life lessons, being able to look at an experience that I may have perceived as bad at one point in time but find the gifts in it now. 
  29. The feeling of a good pen flowing on crisp white paper and the stark contrasts of the marks it leaves behind. 
  30. Trees and plants and all the diverse life present on mother earth, but especially the plants that have found their way into my home. 
  31. Composting, it’s so satisfying to see my food waste break down and nurture my plants
  32. Citrus fruits for their vitamins and healing properties but also their sour flavor that wakes me up in the morning. 
  33. Laughter and the ones who share it with me
  34. Spicy food because when my mouth is on fire I am so happy and feel so alive 
  35. Paint especially in bright colors that are just so satisfying to put on canvas and watch it transform from white into something new
  36. Language and words that allow us to express our thoughts and ideas
  37. Electricity
  38. The blender and smoothies help me get all the nutrients into my body without getting tired of chewing them all up 
  39. Animals, especially the ones that fly past my window, are so amazing and make life more exciting
  40. My home as shelter is a basic need, but also because I am in love with my view of the Rhine
  41. Change even though it’s unpredictable and exhausting at times

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