Messages Arrive Right on Time

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Right now I just felt like I needed a brain dump so I can be open for messages to arrive. I am preparing to meet with a soul healer, channeler, and coach in an hour and I really want to get clear on what my intentions are for the session that I am about to jump into. Instead of keeping it private in my journal I thought, why not pop it on my blog so I will be held accountable for all that I say.

I am ready for this to be a space where I can just be me, without so much editing and planning and trying to create what everyone wants to read. I need to say whats on my heart and experience putting that out there, so that is what we are doing today.

My main intention for e session today is to get clarity on where I need to put my energy. I am interested in what will serve me to meet my goals for 2022 in the next 60 days or so, but also what I need to release in order to be where I want to be for the new year.

Exactly where I am meant to be

I know that I have grown immensely this year and I am exactly where I am meant to be. The growth is coming faster and faster. I am ready to be a free spirit and completely embrace myself for all the quirks that I have and the strange things that I am.

Just a few months ago, I was quite shy about sharing light language and light language art and now I am sending it all over the world. I have started an Etsy page where people can download Light Language art and audio transmissions. I have also been talking about light language with more and more people that might not have been exposed to it otherwise. Finally, I even made stickers of my light language art and I have been cautiously putting them up around cities I visit. I feel a bit conflicted about this because I am not sure it’s really legal to stick stickers on things, but I also know it’s a very public way to expose people to light. The inspiration seemed to have come from above but I am still a bit shy about it.

These are some of the ways that I have been shining my light. But I know that I want to go even bigger, I just don’t know what that looks like yet.

Increasing Connections

I am ready to ask my guides what they need from me so that we can have a greater connection for messages to arrive. But I am afraid of what they might say to me. Here are some of my fears to get them out in the open:

I am afraid of being a clear channel, stepping out of myself so another light being can step in and speak through my body. Though I have been helped immensely by other clear channels, this is still out of my comfort zone.
I am afraid that I will be asked to publish a book. It is something that I want for myself but also terrifies me.
I am afraid that I will be asked to speak up more, go live more, and host more events. This is because I have been hosting so many events and enjoying the synchronicities that they create but also exhausting myself at times by showing up “publicly” when I just want to chill and make art.

These are the main fears I suppose. I know they are not serving me. I know that the answer to most if not all of these is just to step into trust. I do trust that everything is working out exactly as it is meant to. I trust that there is a greater plan and that I had a hand in creating that plan before I came to Earth. I have amazing support and Soul Family here on Earth which is incredible.

Releasing Fears

What will it take for me to step into trust and release these fears?

I know that I will never be handed a task that I am not ready for. Everything that has shown up for me so far has always been right on time. So whatever messages come through for me today, they will also be right on time.

Just a few months ago, I felt the call that it was time to get some oracle cards. I trusted it and used my pendulum to wade through the thousands of options out there to pick out the perfect set for me. I found them in a local bookstore where I could pick them up in person rather than use shipping, which is not my favorite way to receive things since it’s not so friendly to the environment. Sooo after a few days, I got an email that the shop didn’t actually have my cards and they would order them if I wanted. I replied yes please, order them. But after 6 weeks I hadn’t heard anything and I thought, oh maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

Suddenly, the day before I was heading to Spain for 10 days, I got a message the cards were ready to pick up. I immediately went and got them and the entire time I was in Spain I was using them morning and night to ask for guidance for myself, as well as the friend I was visiting. The messages we got were SO CLEAR it was an amazing experience.

This is just one example of how everything is always working out for me. It’s good for me to remind myself of this so I can trust authentically.

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