40 Things I am Grateful for Today

It’s not only on Thanksgiving day that gratitude is important to me, but it is motivating me to finish this task that I have had on my to-do list for some time.  Gratitude is important every day.  Throughout the day, I find it helpful to not only think about what I am grateful for but … Read more

Some People are on Our Path for a Reason

Have you ever wondered why you met a certain person? Or realized that someone was in your life for a reason greater than what you can understand? I have known from the beginning that what I have with my partner is something special but I feel like sharing some of the evidence that this person … Read more

Messages Arrive Right on Time

Right now I just felt like I needed a brain dump so I can be open for messages to arrive. I am preparing to meet with a soul healer, channeler, and coach in an hour and I really want to get clear on what my intentions are for the session that I am about to … Read more