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Energy Wings – What are they?

Have you ever sensed the emergence of ethereal wings from your back that feel like energy wings? Maybe you are curious about this phenomenon. You’re not alone on this path of transformation and awakening. It’s a unique sensation, and I’m here to guide you through it.

What are Etheric or Energy Wings?

Etheric wings, also known as energy wings, represent a profound connection to the Divine. You may experience them as physical sensations in your back up near your shoulders. The sensation may range from subtle pressure to occasional back and shoulder discomfort. Some describe it as a buzzing energy moving through the body.

From my understanding, this pressure and discomfort is caused when the heart chakra opens to a point where it is ready to connect up through your back to your higher chakras. The movement of this energy from your back up to the upper chakras creates the flow of energy that gives the perception of wings. Some people are able to tune in and see other people’s etheric wings. You can practice different techniques to be able to see your own. Its important to be aware that children may have the ability to see them, so if a child asks you about your wings, you may want to prepare ahead of time what you would like to share with them.

These wings may symbolize spiritual growth, protection, and your unique mission on Earth. With time and practice, you will learn what your wings are here for and how you are meant to be using them in this lifetime.

Why am I Experiencing Etheric Wings?

Of course the question arises as to why these etheric wings exist. Why do some people experience them while others never will. The reasons can vary for each individual, but here are some common factors:

Spiritual Awakening

Energy wings often emerge during a spiritual awakening journey, where you experience heightened awareness and personal transformation. They especially seem to show up when an individual has been doing a lot of work on themselves. For some people, this is shadow work, and others intense meditation programs. Whatever way you come to experience your etheric wings, know that it is an important part of your spiritual awakening journey.

Spiritual ‘Upleveling’

If you’ve recently completed a significant life cycle or are nearing completion on a process or level, your wings may signify your spiritual evolution. Like a butterfly coming out of a cacoon, wings are a sign that while you are the same person, you have evolved. It’s important not to let this go to your head, or it will defeat the purpose of your spiritual growth. But know that it can be a sign that you are going to the next level.


Etheric wings serve as an extension of your aura, providing guidance and protection. They may appear when you’re facing challenges, releasing past traumas, or embarking on major life changes. Imagine the warm feeling of being wraped in a pair of angel wings. That is the type of protection you can create for yourself with your energy wings.

Symbol of Mission and Power

For many, energy wings are a symbol of their healing abilities and a higher purpose on Earth. If you’re drawn to service, raising vibrations, or artistic expression, your wings may represent that calling and innate power. They may serve a direct purpose in you taking steps toward fulfillling your mission.

Symptoms of Energy Wings

Besides the sensations we’ve discussed (tingling, buzzing, numbing), you may also experience:

  • Mild Shoulder or Back Pain: Some report mild discomfort, which can be alleviated through heart-opening yoga poses. You may also experience a feeling of your wings being crushed when you try to wear a backpack or carry something on your back. This does not have to be permanent but is good to be aware of.
  • Heaviness: Your wings may make you feel heavier, affecting your posture. Notice if you find yourself pulling your shoulders forward like. you are carrying a heavy backpack. Regular cleansing and visualizing a cleansing light can help maintain balance.
  • Vivid Dreams: Energy wings establish a strong connection to the spiritual realm, potentially leading to active messages during your sleep. Consider keeping a dream journal to explore these messages.

My Personal Journey with Etheric Wings

My own experience with energy wings began a couple of years ago. I was experiencing a lot of shoulder pain, and at this point in my journey I was already seeing nearly all physical symptoms as a sign of energetic movement or growth. Then a messenger came to me! Literally someone attended one of my events and booked a free session with me, where I expected to be guiding that person. However, they were there to deliver a message. They told me about my etheric wings and slowly I began to explore the topic.

This person is on her own spiritual journey and was simply following her own intuition in connecting with me. I don’t think even she knew what message she was there to deliver until we had a conversation. We had a powerful connection and stayed in touch over weeks and months as I developed my wings.

I only recently noticed we haven’t spoken in over a year. Perhaps her mission with me is complete or maybe we will reconnect at some point.

How did I open my energy wings?

I found a meditation that helped me to open my wings and almost instantly the pain stopped and this glorious flow of energy began. For weeks I felt like I was lifted up by these wings; my spine was straighter, I stood taller, and felt myself as an immense energy body. It was profound. Over time the feeling faded, or perhaps I just got used to it the way one gets used to a new car or house.

I must say that I wasn’t in a place of complete belief or trust when these wings developed. I felt a lot of self-doubt and wondered if I was going a bit too far with my spiritual beliefs. But then the confirmation arrived.

I was on Etsy and saw a posting for someone to draw your higher self. I was working on connecting more with my higher self and thought the portrait might help me. Well when it arrived, can you believe that I had wings in the portrait?? They are hardly visible, the way I imagine my energy wings to be. That was my confirmation.

What is it like having Etheric Wings?

Over the last couple of years, there have been moments or days when I am acutely aware of my massive energy wings, and others when I forget all about them.

With time, I recognized that my energy wings were connected to my spiritual growth and served as a symbol of Divine protection. For me my wings help me to not buy into the stories of society that lead people into the vibration of fear. They also remind me that I am blessed with my own unique gifts and that I am safe and protected when I use them. I channel light language, and often it feels that I need a safe haven or a place to go home to when I have been working on channeling and doing light work in the astral. The energy wings help me to know that I am safe.

Your journey may have unique aspects, but remember that it’s all part of your spiritual evolution.

Are Etheric Wings the same as Angel Wings?

The answer to this will vary from person to person. Some people believe that they are “Earth Angels” and that is why they have etheric wings. Others believe that angels are a completely different type of being than humans and that one cannot be both a human and an angel. From my perspective, there is no right or wrong answer. We are all here because we are fractals of source energy. We are each entitled to our own experience.

Instead of judging different beliefs and saying one is right while another is wrong, let’s accept everyone as they are and choose to live in divine oneness.


Whether you’re already familiar with energy wings or just starting to explore this phenomenon, know that you’re on a path of growth and empowerment. Embrace it with an open heart and patience, for everything unfolds in Divine timing.

If you are looking for assistance in opening up your energy wings, you can download this powerful light language audio or start with this activation for your higher heart chakra.

When your Higher Heart Chakra begins to open, you may experience physical sensations. You may notice energy shifts in the area around your upper chest or back. This may feel like warmth, tingling, pressure, or even pain. Know that it is temporary and allow the energy to flow and give yourself space to adjust. It’s important to be in a place of self-compassion as this part of your journey unfolds. Take care of yourself, and reach out for support when you need it.

Enjoy the magical journey with your wings!

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  1. When a evil person is close, my wings stand up. First they were white, and now they are black!
    Our Mother in Heaven is very powerful…

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