Is Your Light Language Emerging?

Light Language Emerging: Activating Ascension Codes and Integrating Body, Soul, and Spirit by Yvonne Perry is a beautiful book that shares so much wisdom. Perhaps you are familiar with light language, and perhaps this is a completely new phrase for you. Either way this book may have exactly what you are looking for inside.

When I found the book, Light Language Emerging by Yvonne Perry, I felt so seen and understood. Finding a published work that outlined some of what I have been experiencing was so satisfying! I feel extremely grateful for this book and author!

How did it read?

I felt like I was being spoken TO not AT in this book. I don’t want to inflate my ego by considering myself a prophet or visionary. However, this speaks to me, “Prophets and visionaries are rarely celebrated or even welcomed as such within their environs. Family thinks you are the black sheep, neighbors think you are plain nuts and the community spins wonderful and reckless tales of your imagined notorious misadventures, brimming with danger and threat. But WE know who you REALLY are. WE SEE YOU. You are one of the Dreamweavers, threading Reality with intention, purpose and the possibility of the unprecedented.”

What Is Light Language?

Light Language is an expression that involves the use of sound, color, and other frequencies to transmit messages or energies. It is a universal form of communication that can be used to connect with higher consciousness, the divine, or other dimensions.

There are many different ways to express light language. My favorite is through Light Langauge Art like the image below.

Light Language Art created by Kayla Dhankhar

How it applies to me

I have always felt like I am here to do something unprecedented. When asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, I used to say I would be a doctor. But deep down I think I knew I would bring people healing in a different way. I am here to help people raise their vibration and heal from the inside out. Light language is one way to do that. Coaching is another. Bridging the two might be a big part of my earth journey.

This book really opened up my awareness of the power of light language! I have been channeling for a couple of years now. But sometimes I doubt how effective the healing is. Since the results are often invisible, it’s hard to quantify. But I love this quote, “It raises vibration and expands consciousness, assists with clearing negative imprints from past life issues, releases limiting beliefs systems and negative patterns and programming, aligns a person with their divine purpose, and assists with the ascension journey.” This seems to include so much of what I include in my mission as a coach! Only light language allows me to help people do all of that without the rational mind getting in the way. It’s a really amazing way to change your life!


“Light language is the soul’s expression of its direct divine connection with Source. It can be written, spoken, sung, drawn, danced, and conveyed in many ways.”

“Unless light language is interpreted, the logical brain cannot understand what is being said or conveyed. While some people discredit the practice of speaking this “unknown” idiom that many times simply cannot be deciphered, it is for that very reason that it is so effective.”

“The body is affected by subconscious or hidden beliefs that keep it from being in perfect health and resonating at a higher vibration.”

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